Breaking My Hiatus

Blogging was never really my thing, more often than not, I tend not to share my thoughts to people and veer away from public's comments. These past months, I was caught up in the daily grind of work and travel. Here's a little overview of what an employee, like myself has to go through here [...]


Bali, Days 1-2: We Care About Your Money

Book to the Future

LuAnn said in one of her poststhe locals you meet during your travels leave the greatest impression, as with everything on Bali, this was decidedly a mixed bag.  I have spent a long time thinking about our experiences and my views on this ‘island paradise’, and the desperate and ugly, overly aggressive commercialism – which is a challenge to persevere with – and sadly the culture is, for the most part, is seemingly in tatters.  With tour guides hell-bent on making a profit, skin colour being a real issue, a brush with a scam and another bracing hike, it was certainly an eventful eight days to remember.

The first impressions of Bali are pleasing, right hand drive (the nostalgia!), trees and cut grass everywhere and roads where the traffic flows well. I should point out we went when out of season so there were less crowds and for this…

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Marriage Vows

The soul keeps the promises that the heart conceived. When I was younger, I promised myself that I will walk down the aisle with this song. Before reading my vows, I would like to request that you play this song in the background. Last January 28, I exchanged vows with the man I love at [...]

Star Awards

Mabuhay! I'm back from my hiatus. I was caught in creating visual designs for Philippine Airlines for the month of March because we have celebrated our 77th Anniversary and had our 1st Star Awards. Long work weeks, late nights, and simultaneous corporate events happened that made me exhausted. Despite this, my heart is grateful for the [...]